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"We put our heart and soul into making your day uniquely you."

We now use a brand new High Definition Sony PMW-EX1 so will be offering Blu Ray disks instead of DVD if preferred.

See for a recent HD video sample, that shows the start of the wedding ceremony and some night time dancing.

Painless-Style Video and Photography from the Reel Life Team.

Jorge – the videoman – has a lifetime’s experience in TV & Film, so knows how to unobtrusively create your story – a bit like a feature film, but on a lot smaller budget: its your dream come true, but with reality in mind!

We offer two levels of DVD: the difference is only in the editing (the time consuming bit) - the filming stage is identical. We stay with you all day - or as long as you want and there is something interesting happening: the camera is in our hand ready for action all the time - except for a few moments when we sit down with you to eat! We can even capture you getting ready before the ceremony, or dancing with your friends in the evening...


Personal DVD cover from video stills

Dave & Kerry wedding video DVD cover.


Version ONE

A fully edited DVD with as many menus as you want, all sound editing, music, a personalised cover - just like a TV documentary - full of action and very entertaining: includes 4 DVD copies so everyone can have a look. When edited this varies in length from 40 - 60 minutes and usually fits on one DVD.

Personal DVD cover from video stills

Abby & Gavin contemporary DVD cover from stills.


Version TWO

If you are on a tight budget, a more basic edit is also available, where you choose the add on features.  This starts as a straight version - (without wobbly bits though or footage of the carpet, as you might find on a family members home video) but without any transitions (such as crossfades - where one image blurs/moves smoothly into the next) captured and encoded onto DVD.

You can also add on to this basic version, any of the features below to suit:

£60 for menus, £60 for added music, £40 titles, £100 for a Introductory Sequence - such as a slide show of photos or highlights of the day, £60 for a personalised cover from video stills and £100 if you want bits cutting out - such as repeated verses of hymns, or anything else that makes it boring for the viewer, or simply trimming the individual edit prints so it works better (lots of hard work for us though....). £100 too for smooth transitions between cuts. You get one copy of the DVD with extra copies being £50 each.

This way, you can choose what you want within your budget, without sacrificing the quality of the footage. There's no charge for travel or VAT to pay.

(If you were to have all of the above options you would then only need to add on £60 for sound balancing, and £40 for colour balancing, and £200 for story telling, using a selection of material shot, re-arranged to turn it into a more entertaining documentary, rather than a simple record, to arrive at the same stage as version 1, so you have a fully personalised finish within your control, paying only for the features that suit your personal preferences/budget.)

The deposit is just £50 and you only pay the balance when you have your approved - by you - copy/ copies in your hands. One deposit covers both services, if you are considering us for video and photography too ...

Good Luck in organising it all!

Elaine & Jorge

"A big thank you for filming our wedding dayand producing 2 lovely DVD..."
"...beautiful wedding DVD for us, it has come out perfectly..."
"The DVD was fantastic - very tear jerking, thanks..."

10 Minute Video DVD Clip from Hazlewood Castle Wedding

  Wedding rings & hearts.
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